About the Festival

Held over two days, on Friday 3rd June, selected participants will show performance works in the evening [6.00-10.00pm], in and around the PACE building, a purpose built complex of four studios.

On Saturday 4th June, the participant performers will receive feedback in the morning [11am-1pm]. The afternoon consists of information and advice sessions from a range of professionals and organisations, [2-5pm], followed by an informal evening of networking [6-9pm].

Even if you aren’t showing work, this is an opportunity to see work, obtain advice and network.

Confirmed contributors to the advice/information sessions are: Hetain Patel (Artist), Traci Kelly (Artist/hancockandkellylive), Michael Pinchbeck (Artist/Hatch), Ildiko Rippel (Artist/Zoo Indigo), Michaela Butter (Embrace Arts), Andrew Mitchelson (Live Art Development Agency) and James Burkmar (Independent consultant).

All performances and advice sessions are open to the public and free. We look forward to seeing you there.

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